Gym Safety Rules for All Sports and Fitness Activities

To keep our students safe, parents and students should be familiar with the following rules.

1. All students are to wait inside the building for their ride to arrive. No student should be outside of the building without the supervision of an adult.

2. Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their child/children in the waiting areas. No student should be in the gym without the supervision of an instructor.

3. Only children enrolled in the program are allowed inside the gymnastics gym.

4. Students should wait for their instructor to call them in for class before entering the gymnastics gym or practicing on the equipment.

5. Students are not allowed on any equipment before, during, or after class without an instructor.

6. No running, gymnastics, or horseplay in the waiting areas. No running in the gym. Students must walk from event to event, being careful to stay with their group and out of the way of other students. Caution should be exercised when crossing the vault runway or a dismount mat. When getting a drink or using the lavatory, students should carefully walk around all pieces of equipment.

7. Students should not enter or leave the gym area without permission from an instructor. We suggest using the lavatory before class. If necessary to use the lavatory during class time, students must ask the instructor for permission.

8. When switching events, students should wait for their instructor’s directions before practicing on the equipment.

9. Parents should not allow children to stand on the chairs in the viewing areas.

10. Students should report any injuries to the instructor and always tell the instructor if they are feeling sick or hurt.

11. Students must listen to and follow their instructor’s directions. Students should ask for help if they do not understand what to do or how to do it.

12. Students should never try a new skill without an instructor’s spot or guidance.

13. Students should never attempt to spot a fellow classmate, nor let a fellow classmate spot them.

14. When dismounting from a piece of equipment:
-    Land in a safe landing position or “FREEZE.” (Knees slightly bent to absorb a hard landing.)
-    If you are off balance and falling, do a “safety” roll.

15. When waiting in line:
-    Students should not push, cut or stand too close to the person in front of them.
-    Students should make sure the person in front of them is out of their way before taking their turn.

16. Ask the instructor to help you if a mat or equipment has moved. Do not try to adjust “big” equipment yourself.

17. Use the following guidelines for appropriate dress:
-    No buttons, belts, zippers, or snaps on clothing
-    Large baggy clothing or clothing with dangling strings, beads or similar items should not be worn.
-    No leotards with “TUTUS.”
-    Only “footless” tights should be worn.

18. All shoulder-length and longer hair must be tied back from the face—do not use fancy ponytail holders. Students have to be able to roll over the back of their head.

19. No jewelry of any kind (watches, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. (Tiny stud earrings are permissible.)

20. Food should not be brought into the gym. Students are not allowed to chew gum or use cough drops or candy.